60 years of Sanel company


Sanel Cracow Blind Cooperative has been operating for 60 years. Our history clearly shows that the rehabilitation and development of people with disabilities have always been one of our priorities.

The main idea of  cooperative establishment was to provide the employment and the rehabilitation of the blind and visually impaired. The first General Meeting of the Founders held on 25 VII 1952. This data opens up the history of the Cooperative. The Founder and the first Director was Vladislav Poleski, who was blind. Initially, all the products were handmade  at different locations in Cracow.

In 1959, on the 2 hectare plot, the present factory was built, and in 1963 - an office building.

The concentration of production in one place allowed customization of individual workstations to the needs of the disabled as well as the use of machinery.

In 1966, the cooperative has already employed 942 people, including 724 disabled - most blind and deaf. Most of this group, as many as 501 people,  were blind home workers,  working in dispersion in today's  Malopolska Voivodeship.

At present the cooperative employs in factory in Krakow, about 200 people, and most are blind. Production profiles are maintained, still dominate brush and cosmetic industry, assisted by a segment of metal and electrical products. We improving production processes continually, putting on the quality of the product. In December 2008, the company passed the certification audit of the scope of the implementation and application of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2008, an audit carry out the renowned certification unit TÜVRheinland  granting the ISO certificate - registration number: 0198 100 00153.