About us


Sanel company was founded in 1952. This company is a cooperative  and has the status of a workplace for the disabled.

Our mission is to provide consumers with the highest quality products to assist in personal hygiene and cleanness of the surroundings.

The company's policy endorsed in 2008 by receiving ISO 9001:2008 certification is called a “Total Quality Management”. It ensures a consistent high level of technology and  increases productivity and performance.

SANEL  employs highly skilled specialists with many years of professional experience. Our managers implement the management processes in line with the contemporary trends.

We organize regular trainings for employees and executives in the field of quality management and quality control of products and we adapt our product lines to the customer needs and current trends.

Modern technology and machines made mainly by Zahoransky, Schlesinger and Borghi companies ensure high production potential. Many years of tradition and experience have set the company`s position as a major manufacturer of brushes in Poland.

Buying Sanel products you help the rehabilitation of the blind and create employment for them.