Electrotechnics services


Our cooperative has more than 30-year tradition in the production of wiring harnesses. Our experience and professional equipment allow us professionally realize the orders.

We cooperate with electrical branch companies doing equipment for household articles.

We can perform the following services in the field of electrical engineering.

1. Cutting and wire insulation.

2. Tin wire ends.

3. Sanel produced clinching terminals on wires with section from 0.35 mm2 to 4mm2.

4. Crimping conferred on wires from 0.35 mm2 to 4mm2.

5. Attaching the ends of the casings or embed them in connector housings.

6. Shrinking of heat-shrink tubing on the ends.

7. Installation of bundles of components made in Sanel or assigned by you.

8. Wiring delivered to Sanel devices and switchboards.

9. Control of electrical connections.

10. Measurements of tensile strength tips to 500N within the print result.

11. Installation of electrical and mechanical equipment.

12. Packaging electric sets.